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Ms. Yona Williams, Mother of the Bride

Mrs. Angela Moon, Mother of the Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Moon

 Parents of the Groom

Mrs. Janice Banks, Paternal Grandmother of the Groom

Mr. Theodore Robinson, II, Father of the Groom

Ms. April Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Rodrick Jackson

Siblings of the Groom

Daria Boswell, First cousin of the Bride

Ashley Gooden, Wedding Coordinator

Micah Jones and Christopher Thomas

Family-friends of the Groom

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Thomas

Parents of the Bride

Mrs. Rosa Sellers Miles

Maternal Grandmother of the Bride

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis, Sr. 

Paternal Grandparents of the Bride

Family We Missed

Immediate family members who missed portraits due to emergency COVID-19 restrictions mandated by the state:


Family of the Bride:

Aunt Delanda and Uncle Darold Boswell

First Cousin Ashlee Boswell


Aunt Barbara Ray

First Cousin Toni Ray


Family of the Groom:

Aunt Linda and Uncle Maurice Stinson

First Cousin Leon Stinson

First Cousins Yolanda, Christopher, Gabrielle, and Alex Washington


Aunt Joyce and Uncle George Harkness

First Cousins George, Sherita, Richard and Curtis Harkness


Aunt Catherine Jackson


Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones


We love you dearly!

So Glad Ron Handy 05 Forever My Lady Jaz
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